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You won't find other landlord like this!!
Callum rated this Landlord 10 out of 10
Greenbank Terrace is a really great place to live with Aldi like a corner shop around the corner and Mutley plain not far away. It's roughly a 10min walk from the university depending on how fast you walk but the experience couldn't have been better. Jan and Tony are the nicest people that you could meet and are so welcoming and accommodating to fixing any little things that need doing. The room sizes range but are generally really spacious. Really affordable too considering where its based, what's around and how long it takes to get to places. Garden is a good size too so perfect for summer BBQs. All in all just a really great place to live!
16 February 2019
Henry rated this Landlord 10 out of 10
Itís difficult to decide between houses but when we viewed this house with Jan our decision was instant. The house is managed so well and maintained to a really high standard, Jan is always easy to contact and resolved the few problems encountered extremely efficiently - with no impact on us. I canít fault our experience, nor the house and itís location. Iíd encourage anyone to live here - and would again if I was in Plymouth for another year!
11 June 2018
Amazing landlords!
Charlotte rated this Landlord 10 out of 10
Jan and Tony were by far the most amazing landlords we have had over our uni experience. Deciding to rent privately was such a good decision! No issues were too much to handle, and their responses to any messages were always within a few hours which was handy! Theyíre lovely people and have a lovely house! 10/10 couldnít recommend them enough!
11 June 2018
Amazing landlord, Amazing house! Would recommend!
Sophie Alexandra Lacey rated this Landlord 10 out of 10
I stayed in this house with Jan as the landlord for the past 2 years. She is amazing. She cares about you and the house and any problems were sorted ASAP. She's a lovely woman and would definitely recommend renting with her!
21 July 2017
18 Beechwood Terrace review
Tarryn Gill rated this Landlord 9 out of 10
Great landlord, any issues we had were solved pretty much instantly. The house itself was really good, has everything required, really spacious.
14 June 2017
Amazing landlord!
Zoe rated this Landlord 10 out of 10
The house is lovely and Jan has always been so helpful! She is easy to contact and always quick to respond - we feel very lucky to have had such a great landlord for two years.
05 June 2017
Greenbank Terrace
Keyneu Bagri rated this Landlord 10 out of 10
Amazing place to live. I have lived here for 2 years as it was so good with only changing in my last year due to living with different people. Lovely sized bedrooms and a nice garden. Jan is such a good landlord and will help with anything even if trivial. Her replies are always quick and very helpful. A short work to University and an even shorter walk to Aldi. Can not recommend enough.
30 May 2017
18 Beechwood Terrace
Callum Josselyn rated this Landlord 10 out of 10
Such an amazing landlady! Always willing to help with anything no matter how little or big the problem was! Always quick to rely to messages or get back to phone call if on the odd occasion they were missed. How's was a lovely place to stay for a year! Would highly rrecommend to anyone looking for a place to live in Plymouth!
15 August 2016
19 Greenbank Terrace feedback review
George Bramham rated this Landlord 10 out of 10
On arrival I found the house to be very clean and well laid out. All the rooms are very modern and well decorated. I couldn't have asked for a better landlord and landlady, they are very nice and welcoming and were very helpful if there was ever any issues within the property. They also ensured we had anything we needed and greeted us on arrival to hand over keys and provide us with any essential information required. I enjoyed my stay in the house and would definitely recommend it to any potential tenants.
21 October 2015
Beechwood terrace review
Patrick rated this Landlord 10 out of 10
Absolutely perfect house, great landlords, so helpful and friendly.
30 July 2015
Mell rated this Landlord 10 out of 10
Loved every second of living in the house, was defiently like a home from home! Very emotional when leaving the house! Landlord also amazing, helping when needed, and giving deposit back on time. All very good!
13 July 2015
18 Beechwood terrace review
Nicholas Shell rated this Landlord 9 out of 10
The Nicklins have been the best landlords I've had and were very responsive to each of our requests. Before moving in, we asked them where we could place a fishtank which we bought the previous year and over the summer a table was crafted by hand for the fishtank. We also requested a dining table early in the year which arrived within the same week. Any tennants will find the Nicklins extreemely helpful and friendly.
04 July 2015
Lewis ashton rated this Landlord 10 out of 10
It has been lovely staying in this house, thank you for everything.
26 June 2015
Great house
Alice rated this Landlord 10 out of 10
This has been a great house for me and my housemates for our last year at university. Great landlords who are there to answer any questions but also leave you to make the house your own for the tenancy.
07 September 2014
Fantastic Accommodation and Landlords
Joelle Pengelley rated this Landlord 10 out of 10
Jan and Tony are fantastic landlords and wonderful people, whenever there were any problems (and they were only the tiniest of things) they were round within days to sort them and were always polite. Extremely pleased with living in this house for the past year, wish we could have found it sooner and stayed for longer. I would recommend to anyone that living at BT18 is outstanding.
26 June 2014
Fantastic accommodation
Jessica Coath rated this Landlord 10 out of 10
The house we had for the year was clean, well furnished and a lovely home to live in. The landlords are both helpful, contactable and will fix an issue that arises. Would recommend to other students!
20 June 2014
Best student house I've had.
Robyn rated this Landlord 10 out of 10
Best landlords I've had in the two years in student accomodation. Any problems or queries quickly and efficiently answered or fixed. Modern well decorated house, with spacious rooms and excellent location for students at Marjons and plymouth uni.
19 June 2014
Best landlords
Emily rated this Landlord 10 out of 10
I have stayed with Jan and Tony for 2 and a half years of my university time in Plymouth and it was the best decision I made. They are fantastic, always on hand to help, and very quick and efficient when something breaks. Their prices are fair and the quality of the house in general is great. Seriously consider Jan and Tony, they are pretty awesome.
08 July 2013
Sophie Alderson rated this Landlord 10 out of 10
I have had a great year living in Greenbank Terrace under Jan Nicklin. Her husband Tony and her have been such supportive landlords throughout my stay this year and I cannot wait to continue on next year in the same property.
13 June 2013
19 Greenbank Terrace
Joe Portwood rated this Landlord 10 out of 10
I would recommend this house, it is very good and Jan the land lady is very good at sorting out any problems that occur quickly and smoothly.
16 May 2013
Nicest Landlords ever!
Josh Webber rated this Landlord 10 out of 10
Really nice landlords. Very easy to talk to, any problems with the house they sort it out instantly. And they are really friendly, helpful and easy to get in contact with.
19 September 2012
Great property and great landlord
Philip Abbott-Garner rated this Landlord 10 out of 10
I lived in Plymouth for 3 years during my degree. Out of all the properties i stayed in this was by far the best. Jan and Tony are great landlords very trustworthy and understanding
06 September 2012
A great landlord
Simon Pitman rated this Landlord 10 out of 10
Exactly as the title states, Jan Nicklin is a fantastic landlord, any problems were sorted instantly and accommodated us with internet upgrades at no extra charge due to the number of us within the house. The house was upto date with all the latest appliances and well if I'm honest, a problem never arose unless we caused it (e.g. lost keys). Jan always informed us a while in advance if she needed to come into the house for anything, even knocked rather than letting herself in, which in my eyes allowed the rating to hit 10/10. The best landlord I've dealt with, thanks again.
12 June 2012
Great property & great landlords!
Joanne Retallick rated this Landlord 9 out of 10
This house is fantastic! I lived here throughout my second year at uni and cannot complain at all about the house - if there was ever a problem, the landlord would do everything to ensure the problem was resolved or fixed quickly for us. The house is also nicely furnished and includes a lot for the price! I really recommend this property!!
30 June 2011
Review for Jan Nicklin
David Jones rated this Landlord 10 out of 10
Jan is a very helpful landlady, and out of the three landlords that I have had in the past three years, by far the best. She is very understanding of any problems we have and, along with her husband, very prompt in dealing with them. If I was not finishing university, I would definitely continue to live in her accommodation.
10 May 2011
Beechwood Terrace
Sam Skinner rated this Landlord 10 out of 10
A very understanding, fair and helpful landlady and landllord, with a very quick response time to any problems you may have. Made me feel very welcome to the house and explained everything that i needed to know upon arrival. 10/10
09 May 2011
18 Beechwood Terrace
Lisa-Marie rated this Landlord 10 out of 10
I can honestly say, that in my three years living in Plymouth, I've never seen a student house that's of a better standard.The key to this property is that its been made to feel like a home. Jan and Tony have clearly put a lot of effort in the furnishing of the place; and it really shows, as everything is new, modern, and nicely colour coordinated. There really wasn't any problems with the place at all. It has been my experience of previous landlords to take weeks on fixing minor problems, in order to save themselves money.But at Beechwood, if any problems occurred, their focus was always to quickly fix it to the highest standard. Without a doubt, I couldn't have asked for nicer landlords or a better property!
13 April 2011
19 Greenbank Terrace
Joshua Pallett rated this Landlord 10 out of 10
You quite literally could not ask for finer landlords than Jan and Tony Nicklin. I had the time of my life at Greenbank. Couldn't recommend it enough.
05 July 2010
19 Greenbank Terrace
Kev Blake rated this Landlord 10 out of 10
Jan and Tony are both amazing landlords, really warm and friendly. The house is in a very good location both both Mutley and the Uni, the house is well funished clean and tiday and has been kept to a high standard, if I was staying I would love to stay here again.
10 June 2010
18 Beechwood Terrace
Jack Doughty rated this Landlord 10 out of 10
Jan and Tony have been great during my first year at uni. The few minor problems that we had were dealt with swiftly, often on the same day. Everything that was expected of us as tenants was outlined very clearly at the start of the year and they have been more than happy to help out with other enquiries also. I'm very happy to say that I'll be spending the remaining two years of my degree in the same house!
07 June 2010
18 Beechwood Terrace
Zoe rated this Landlord 10 out of 10
Jan and Tony are really lovely landlords. My first year of uni was made easy without having to worry about accomodation worries. The house is really nice and well furnished and if a problem occured Jan or Tony would be straight round to fix it. Glad to be returning in September.
03 June 2010
19 Greenbank Terrace
Chris Farmer rated this Landlord 10 out of 10
Jan and Tony are awesome! They are warm and friendly and can't do enough to help. Undoubtedly the best landlords in Plymouth. The house is lovely, well furnished, well kept, and in an excellent location. If was staying in Plymouth next year, I would live here again.
29 January 2010
19 Geenbank Terrace, Plymouth
Richard Stansbie rated this Landlord 10 out of 10
The landlord and landlady are really awesome, super friendly and honest. The house is super nice too, in a good safe area.
13 December 2009
Pua Siong teng rated this Landlord 9 out of 10
The landlords are good. They care about the student, they were very helpful when i was staying in the house. They provided all sort the things you need in the house. The house was very clean, it is quite close to the uni and shops. It took me 10 mins walk from the house to the uni area.
13 December 2009
19 Greenbank Terrace
Graham & Sarah Bysouth rated this Landlord 10 out of 10
Our daughter enjoyed her first year uni in this lovely, well appointed house. The Niklins were exceptionaly helpful and provided a warm welcome and good support throughout the year. We would highly recommend 19 Greenbank to any student looking for either first time or continuing accommodation.
16 November 2009

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